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this website uses iframes and javascript !

2024年06月12日: changed page styles to fit the index .
2024年06月12日: removed music player and replaced it with contact box, the index now has an autoplayed audio like the other pages .
2024年06月08日: website layout overhaul,,, again... i always end up unhappy with the final result ... endless creativity is a curse (◞‸◟;) also pissed because school district blocked neocities and catbox so i have to use my mobile devices . progress will be slower so please bear with me ,,,
2024年06月05日: art gallery page created ! come and check out my works !
2024年06月04日: the index has a new layout with a live clock along with a new chatbox . joined and added vocaring to website by nikki !
2024年06月03日: joined and added vocaring to website by adilene ! the webmaster has new layout + added new music player and guestbook !!
2024年06月02日: reworked webmaster page to fit new website theme . i also completed sitemap and about page , go ahead and check it out :D .
2024年06月01日: website overhaul #2 , i wanted to add more features to the website without plastering images over all it . the graphics also turned out to be too overwhelming and i didn't know where to look .
2024年05月19日: added mp3 player & moved some stuff around, the buttons wont appear for some reason and im really mad about that .
2024年05月18日:+ why is there another neocities that has my entire code??? i said you could take some code but i didnt mean take the whole website 💀💀💀 + website overhaul
2024年04月18日: added psvita update log and changed directory buttons .

welcome , welcome , i'm nat or rice and this is my little webzone !

this quaint space is my neverending project created for the purpose of funneling my creativity in one place !

and while you're at it, sign my guestbook!

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i absolutely adore this guy , he's my most favorite character out of all the media i engage in . his overall theme and personality drew me in the most in one of my all time favorites . i've had this hyperfixation on him since 2018 when i first saw magi .

im really sad that not many other people know him so i cant go on a yapping session on how good of a character he is . . . hopefully my whining and these cute chibis of him will convince you to give the anime and manga a try hehe
(ps. you should click him !)
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